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Bounce With Us

Inflatable Fun For The Whole Family

You've all been on a bouncy castle before ...ok but, have you ever been on a bouncy castle the size of a small planet??? Well here it is, a custom designed bouncy area tweaked for one thing, and one thing alone: MASSES OF FUN. With more activities than you can shake a stick at, you won't know where to start.

Next generation in fun!

The fun includes:


Our 16 ft high bouncy slide (not exaggerating) with a ball pit landing ...zoom!


Bouncy assault course including obstacles, tunnel, climbing walls and slides


Bouncy Battle Arena podium to see who bites the dust...may the battle begin!


Supercharged launch pads / blobs designed for takeoff into space


Climb up then back down on the 20 ft mountain wall


Take on the challenge of our giant bouncy balls 


Can you beat the running wall with 3 levels to complete

Standard Ticket pricing


3 and Under

Toddler Arena

£ 6.49 /1st Hour

  • + £2.50 for additional hour

  •  Access to toddler area only

  •  Must be accompanied by adult (One adult per toddler)

  •  Socks to be worn at all times

  •  Access to cafe / restaurant

4 to 15 yr Olds

Main Bounce Arena

£ 10.99 /1st Hour

  • + £6.00 for additional hour

  • Access to Main area only

  • Must be supervised by adult

  • Socks to be worn at all times

  • Access to cafe / restaurant

16 & Over

Main Bounce Arena

£ 12.99 /1st Hour

  • + £6.00 for additional hour

  • Access to Main area only

  • Socks to be worn at all times

  • Access to cafe / restaurant


Book Your Bounce

  • 1 hr

    From 6.49 British pounds

  • 2 hr

    From 8.99 British pounds
  • 1 toddler under the age of 4 with 2 free adults during AIRTOTS session...

    2 hr

    From 6.49 British pounds
  • Includes kids meal to be consumed within the hour bounce

    1 hr

    From 8.99 British pounds
  • 3x15 min games per session.Nerf guns, glasses, and bullets provided

    12.99 British pounds
  • Carers go free * proof of carers to be shown on arrival *

    From 6.49 British pounds

Toddler Safe Area

Whilst everyone else is going bonkers in the main arena, under 4s can go bonkers in their own dedicated safe area. Including adorable inflatable characters and activities to keep the little tots entertained for ages.

Safe area includes:

  • Walled area with limited access

  • Close to main entrance of bounce arena

  • Do I have to make a booking in advance or can I just turn up?
    We highly advise making a booking before you attend, this is because we can get fully booked to capacity and may have to turn you away if you have no booking with us. You are required to complete a waiver form ahead of your session.
  • Do you offer free parking on site?
    We share a car park with Lidl and they have a strict 3 Hour policy on parking. If you choose to park in the Lidl car park then please be aware that overstaying will result in a parking fine enforced by Lidl. If you plan to stay longer than 3 hours then we suggest that you make alternative arrangements to park nearby. (Please email us for more information on this).
  • I have already made a booking, but want to add on extra people, can I do this?
    Yes we will do our best to accommodate your request, please contact us on Please note the later you leave it the less likely it is we can do this, especially for weekends as our weekend slots can get fully booked sometimes two weeks in advance. So please give us as much notice as possible.
  • I need to change my booking time/session?
    In order to move your booking, please let us know at least three hours before your actual booking time/session.
  • What kind of clothing should I wear?
    Normal socks must be worn. No non slip socks please. We strongly advise the wearing of a thin long sleeved top and long pants as, with all inflatables, friction burns can occur on exposed skin when performing certain activities, especially slides. Also, a friendly reminder that this is a family venue so please refrain from wearing slogan tops that may cause offence.
  • I have a question about a party that I’d like to book or have booked, who do I contact?
    Please contact our events team directly on with your query.
  • Where can we find the waiver form online?
    The waiver form is located at the bottom of every page on our website! Scroll to the bottom and click the waiver form for the PDF.
  • Who can sign the waiver form?
    You must be 18 years or over to sign the waiver form for bouncers. If you are 16 you can sign for yourself but no one else. You must be 18 years of age or over to sign for anyone else.
  • How old do you have to be to bounce?
    Any ages can bounce but under 16s will need supervision by a parent or guardian (18 & over), who MUST stay on site at all times during the session. Bouncers who are 16 and over can sign their own waiver form and bounce without supervision. Toddlers must be of walking age to jump or bounce at Air Nation. Toddlers of walking age can attend our Air Tots sessions during the week as well as at any other time within the toddler section of the bounce arena, as long as they are supervised by a parent/ guardian at all times.
  • Can my under 4 access the main arena?
    Children under 4 have access to the toddler area only.
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