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Upcoming Events

Violet-Grace's Charity Event 
10th September 2023 5PM - 7PM


We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event at Air Nation that holds both excitement and purpose. On 10th September 2023, we will be hosting a special event dedicated to supporting the Violet-Grace Charity Organization. All proceeds from this event will be generously donated to this noble cause, which works tirelessly to raise awareness about organ donation and save lives in memory of the brave and inspiring Violet-Grace Youens.

Join us for a day of fun, laughter, and community as we come together to make a difference. With engaging activities like prize raffle drawers, thrilling bounce events, and delightful face painting, your participation will not only create lasting memories for families but also contribute to a cause that embodies hope and compassion. Let's unite for this meaningful endeavour and honour Violet-Grace's legacy in a truly impactful way.

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